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Hey! My name is Lucky, and you can find me in the Bay Area of sunny California. I’m a learning experience designer with the deep-rooted desire to help your audience catch that sweet “Ah-hah!” moment through my learning solutions.

For nearly seven years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with young minds within the classroom as a public-school educator. I’m now leveraging my experience in curriculum development along with my knowledge of adult-learning theories to create visually captivating training programs for the corporate setting. Multimedia creation and user experience fascinate me, and I’m in constant search of new opportunities to reach my audience in ways that will benefit their learning experiences. What I find deeply rewarding is being tasked to identify learning roadblocks within complex subjects. From there, I utilize some creative problem solving to tailor a more simplified and accessible learning path to satisfy my clients’ needs.


Since we’re all life-long learners, I too am constantly searching for growth opportunities. My career in Learning and Development began within the tech-centric space of Programmatic Advertising. With gratitude, I’m thrilled to move forward in discovering new industries and to further my reach in instructional design. I collaborate to benefit all parties: my team, clients, partners, consumers, and community. So, let’s bring our best selves to the challenge and foster a strong culture of learning together – contact me today!

Click below to see my experience and qualifications.

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